Hindu kush

Hindu kush

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Strain Name: Hindu Kush
Grade: A
Type: Indica
Looks: A++ Lime green, dark dreen, yellowish in parts, and super purple with a ton of long, orange hairs.
Smell: Sweet and Skunky
Taste: Sweet and Delicious, but pretty damn harsh.
Effects: Pain Relief, Insomnia, Appetite Stimulant, Cotton Mouth, Anxiety Relief. Great for anything really and it’s an amazing high. 😉
Potency: 9/10 – Just a very lovely strain in every aspect, I felt it on the first 1-2 hits nearly everytime I smoked it. Lasts 2-3 hours


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Hindu Kush does are inclined to do very best hydroponically, so when developing it in this manner, make sure you are keeping up with the plants’ nutrient desires IT is one hundred% pure indica the many way. Not a lot of strains can match the outstanding resin creation of this Traditionally celebrated landrace indica.This strain of marijuana weed may possibly provide about anxiousness. In instances of substantial dosage, the enhanced anxiousness may possibly provide about inner thoughts of paranoia. Buyers may encounter dizziness sometimes because of the potency of the strain.It’s Style & Odor
There’s a sweet Observe At first in the flowering time, which, after the buds mature, is reworked right into a savoury flavour that is instantly recognisable to aficionados.

Deep rest together with pronounced suffering relief.Hindu Kush is a relatively pure pressure, simpler and sometimes much more strong which the novelty crossbreeds that proceed to multiply in these days’s aggressive cannabis market. It’s prized for its heavily sedative, Just about narcotic Houses and its hugely resinous bouquets. The THC composition of it is usually measured at involving 15% and twenty%.
Hindu Kush fights several ache circumstances, occasionally, relieving the pain completely. This potential customers to raised moods for your consumer entirely.Hindu Kush buds have their kin in other strains and the majority of associated strains have some traces of this strain in their genetics.

The Hindu Kush pressure is known for its slow-making and narcotic high that causes a warm and rubbery physique numbing feeling. Physically relaxing and great for handling pain and nausea and insomnia. It is incredibly powerful at creating a soothing and sleepy human body substantial.

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